Summer : BabyTalk



It is our mission to honor and nurture a diverse community of children to reach their potential as learners, participants, stewards and critical thinkers in society.

It is our goal to empower those in the presence of children with knowledge, skills and resources to raise and teach children with respect and dignity.



  • Baby Talk is a program designed to:
    • Bring visibility to the subtle and copious ways babies communicate with the world around them
    • Help parents take notice of the nuances of how their child communicates
    • Connect parents to each other, and Master early childhood educator, Molly Sosnaud
    • Each week will have a topic for discussion and accompanying handout with resources
  • Baby Talk emphasizes the following of the Cow Hollow School Guiding Principles:
    • Every child is capable and competent
    • Children learn through play, investigation, inquiry and exploration
    • Children and adults learn and play in reciprocal relationships with peers, family members, and teachers
    • Teachers and parents recognize the many ways in which children approach learning and relationships, express themselves, and represent what they are coming to know
    • Process is valued, acknowledged, supported, nurtured and studied
    • The indoor and outdoor environments, and natural spaces, transform, inform, and provoke thinking and learning


One parent and your baby (ages 3-18 months), 4-5 babies per group

*Participation in BabyTalk does not guarantee admission to the school when the child is age eligible. Nor is it a requirement for admission.


You are looking to parent from your values and according to the clues and cues your baby is giving you. You are investing in yourself, your family and to parenting healthfully.


July 1-19th, 2019 (4th of July, CLOSED, sessions held on July 4th will be rescheduled for July 5th).

  • 3-6 months (Mondays 11-12:30 and/or Wednesdays 11-12:30)
  • 6-9 months (Tuesdays 11-12:30 and/or Thursdays 11-12:30
  • 9-14 months (Mondays 9:15-10:45 and/or Wednesdays 9:15-10:45)
  • 14-18 months (Tuesdays (9:15-10:45 and/or Thursdays 9:15-10:45)


Cow Hollow School, Nest Classroom, 65 Funston Ave, SF (in the Presidio)


$125/ one day a week for 3 weeks OR $250/ two days a week for 3 weeks

  • You will be contacted via email to confirm your enrollment sessions and request payment
  • Tuition is non refundable after June 3rd
  • We will provide you with further details and a questionnaire once we have completed enrollment
  • Enrollment will close on June 2oth

Program Topic Descriptions (modified for age range):

Week 1: Cultivating and Communicating Competence

  • Language of respect (respectful language in everyday caregiving, when guiding children how to be in the world, acknowledging accomplishments)
  • Rights of infants and toddlers
  • Connecting to your child (slowing down, “news casting,” sharing what you notice, using empathy)
  • Alternatives to “no,” giving the behavior you want to see (responsive language), redirecting
  • Influence of environment/materials on behavior

Week 2:  Parenting from Values

  • Acknowledging accomplishments and using notices/wonders
  • Intrinsic/extrinsic motivation
  • Seeing the “whole child,” beyond society’s views of children as sweet, cute, loud, shy
  • Censoring judgement of appearance and gender (within how we greet children, toys, clothes, treating boys and girls differently- “be careful”)
  • Supporting and empowering children in expressing all emotions

Week 3:  Supporting Peer Interactions and Problem Solving

  • Curiosity, experimentation, and cause and effect
  • Role of the adult – narrating, playing with, modeling prosocial behaviors and responses
  • Reading cues from child when getting engaged
  • Taking turns vs. sharing
  • Play styles


For any questions, please email Molly (BabyTalk Program Director) at: [email protected]

Molly Sosnaud– Molly has been an early childhood educator for over ten years, and began teaching at Cow Hollow in 2012. In addition to Cow Hollow, she has taught at a parent-teacher cooperative preschool, another Reggio Emilia inspired school, and a lab school. Molly received her B.A. in psychology and education from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, her M.A in Early Childhood Education from Mills College, and holds a California Child Development Program Director Permit. While at Mills, Molly wrote her Master’s thesis on educators’ use of pedagogical documentation in a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool. Molly has presented at three Innovative Teachers Project Roundtables: “Global Citizenship and Social Justice as Values in Reggio Inspired Schools” and “Inviting Dialogue with Families,” and “The Image of the Child through the Lens of the Five Senses: Belonging, Influence, Competence, Usefulness and Respect.”  She enjoys building relationships with other educators, families, and children and is thrilled to be at Cow Hollow.