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Summer Programs

Cow Hollow School is once again, delighted to offer our Summer School. The CHS Summer School is full of opportunities for wonder, play, discovery, creativity and exploration.

Cow Hollow School Summer Program 2020:

Due to COVID-19 we have CANCELLED our 2020 summer program.  Please check back in January, 2021 to hear about our plans for our 2021 Summer Program.  Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!  If you have any questions you can reach out to Trevor Valentino at [email protected]

Program Hours

9:00am to 2:00 pmMonday – Friday

Age Cut-off

Available to children 3 by July 1– 5.9 years of age. Due to our license regulations we cannot have children over 5.9 years of age by the first day of each session.


Age grouping will be determined after enrollment. CHS prides itself on low teacher to child ratios. This will continue throughout the summer program. It is our goal, when possible, to have to have your child experience learning and playing with at least one of his/her fall teachers and some of his/her class members. Non-school year families attending the CHS summer program will be kept with children in their initial grouping.

  • Hummingbirds: young 3s
  • Robins: 3-5 years old
  • Red Tail Hawks: 4-5.9 years old

Program Sessions

To encourage the same rich relationships based learning we will have one 2 week session and one 3 week session.


It is our goal, when possible, to have your child experience learning and playing with at least one of his/her fall teachers and some of his/her class members. Non-school year families attending in summer will be kept with children in their initial grouping.

Parent Participation

Although part of our school year program, parent participation is not required for our Summer Program…but is always welcome!

Snacks and Meals

Program tuition will include lunch and snack. Snack will be provided by Cow Hollow School. The Lunch Program will once again be offered through SchoolFoodies (balanced, organic, and preservative free food).

“I love how you have created different themes in the various segments and put so much richness into the children’s days. I really like how you inspire the children’s process. We are noticing at home that Amalia is really into ‘making things’ and ‘building things.’ It’s wonderful!” 

Summer 2020

Session 1: June 29-July 17 (3 weeks) (3th of July, CLOSED)
Session 2: July 20-July 31 (2 weeks)

Important Dates

  • January 31Enrollment opens online to the public
  • May 15: Tuition is non-refundable after this date

Tuition, enrollment and other details

  • One 2-week session- $1,250.00
  • One 3-week sessions- $1,875.00
  • Entire Summer Program (2 sessions, 5 weeks)- $3,125.00
    • You will be contacted via e-mail to confirm your enrollment sessions and request payment.
    • Tuition is non refundable after May 15th.
    • We will provide you details of each session once we have completed enrollment
    • Lunch will be provided through SchoolFoodies for both sessions.
  • To sign-up, please click HERE.

Session Curriculum

Over the course of the summer the children will participate in a curriculum that invites them to explore their creative, critical and expressive languages. Curriculum opportunities may include:

  • Nature Explorers: During this three-week session our senses will come alive as we explore and investigate the outdoors. Children will play in our forest area and nearby Presidio landmarks such as The Woodline, The Spire and The Ecology Trail. The children will smell the flowers, touch the little creatures buried under rocks, observe birds flying, and listen to the wind while they play underneath the trees. The children will also help in the school’s garden by planting new sprouts and harvesting a bountiful array of vegetables and herbs.  They will work closely with the teachers in planning out yummy treats, meals and even deserts for their group to enjoy.

Offered: Session 1 (Hummingbirds, Robins, and Red Tail Hawks)

  • Magic Trash: In this two week session, children will use recyclable materials to create their own fantastic sculptures. During the first week, children will openly explore and test out a variety of materials in the Recyclable Material Store that will reflect the designs they made. Trips to the Thoreau Center or The Recology Center (in The Presidio) to see artists who also use recyclable materials will bridge the work done by these artists to their own work.  Working closely with their teachers, children will joyfully create their own masterpieces that represents their imaginative spirits.

Offered: Session 2 (Hummingbirds, Robins, and Red Tail Hawks)


For any questions, please email: [email protected] (Summer Program Director)


It is our mission to honor and nurture a diverse community of children to reach their potential as learners, participants, stewards and critical thinkers in society.

It is our goal to empower those in the presence of children with knowledge, skills and resources to raise and teach children with respect and dignity.


  • Baby Talk is a program designed to:
    • Bring visibility to the subtle and copious ways babies communicate with the world around them
    • Help parents take notice of the nuances of how their child communicates
    • Connect parents to each other, and Master early childhood educator, Molly Sosnaud
    • Each week will have a topic for discussion and accompanying handout with resources
  • Baby Talk emphasizes the following of the Cow Hollow School Guiding Principles:
    • Every child is capable and competent
    • Children learn through play, investigation, inquiry and exploration
    • Children and adults learn and play in reciprocal relationships with peers, family members, and teachers
    • Teachers and parents recognize the many ways in which children approach learning and relationships, express themselves, and represent what they are coming to know
    • Process is valued, acknowledged, supported, nurtured and studied
    • The indoor and outdoor environments, and natural spaces, transform, inform, and provoke thinking and learning


One parent and your baby (ages 3-18 months), 4-5 babies per group

*Participation in BabyTalk does not guarantee admission to the school when the child is age eligible. Nor is it a requirement for admission.


You are looking to parent from your values and according to the clues and cues your baby is giving you. You are investing in yourself, your family and to parenting healthfully.


Summer 2020 dates to be determined


Cow Hollow School, Nest Classroom, 65 Funston Ave, SF (in the Presidio)