Program : Daily Routine

Daily Routine

A child’s day at CHS will include some or all of these activities:

Drop-off: Teachers and teaching parents supervise the drop-off process and help children transition from home to school.

Circle Time: At the beginning of each day the children gather with the teachers and teaching parents to greet one another and share in a group experience that may include conversation about the encounters and experiences from the preceding days, information about projects and daily activities, a story, and/or a song. At circle we remember, share, reflect, offer and establish meaning together. Circle time for the older children can last as long as 30 to 40 minutes. The children pose problems to the community and collaborate on potential solutions and mutual understanding. Parents are encouraged to join and share with the children at this time.

Creative Art Activities: A variety of rich and authentic materials such as paints, scissors, shells, wood, fabric, clay, collage materials of interesting color, size and texture are available. Children are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the planned activities.

Choices and Classroom Exploration: Children explore the classroom, continue previously started projects and work in small and/or large groups. The structure of activities, resources, and interactions within the classroom are organized in such a way to provide children with comfortable and familiar routines, yet at the same time, there is an emphasis on play and child-initiated projects.

Snack: The snack is intended to provide, in addition to wholesome nourishment, an opportunity for children and adults to gather together.

Movement / Outside Play: Children engage in active play, movement activities and dance, both outdoors and inside the school. Children choose from a variety of equipment such as tumble mats, tunnels, balance beams, push toys, balls and sensory play.

Music: CHS employs an outside Music Specialist to introduce instruments, rhythm, patterns in music, and songs to the children.

Enrichment Activities: During the course of the school year we will have various guests, programs and fieldtrips connected to the children’s project work.

Pick-up: The teachers and teaching parents supervise after-school pickup.