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Opening Doors Campaign


For twenty-two years, Cow Hollow School has been at the forefront of inquiry-based, anti-bias, nature-focused, early childhood education and innovative, respected parent and teacher seminars.  CHS is known throughout the Bay Area and beyond as a place of thought leadership.

We are a community of educators committed to honoring children and childhood.  We know that our values and understanding of young children informs and transforms the way we teach and parent.  Here, children are seen as learners, creative and critical thinkers, producers, and citizens of the world.

Further, we know that children’s and families’ lives are enriched by multiple perspectives, by the celebration of differences, and by an embrace of interconnectedness.  Belonging, engagement, and participation are the core values of our community and lie at the heart of our dual mission:

To honor and nurture a diverse community of children to reach their potential as learners, participants , stewards, and critical thinkers in society.
To empower those in the presence of children with knowledge, skills, and resources to raise and teach children with respect and dignity.


Due to the increasingly high cost of living in San Francisco, our student population has changed.  Families with young children are either being pushed out of the city or must work two or more jobs to make childcare affordable.

Limited full-day, year-round, quality early childhood education programs compound this problem.  Young children are learning in basement classrooms or small spaces, away from access to nature or natural spaces.  Higher teacher-to-child ratios mean less time and attention with trusted adults.

As thought leaders in our field, we feel a responsibility to our current and future community to address these problems.  Our former part-day program and small building were barriers to addressing a Citywide challenge, meeting the needs of our school community, and fully realizing our goals for inclusivity, accessibility, and advocacy.  Moreover, the short-term lease restriction in our former building posed an ongoing threat to the long life of our school.


Our new, long-term home is the realization of our dream to be an inclusive, accessible, innovative, sustainable, and thriving school. 

Our new location allows Cow Hollow School to evolve as a resource for San Francisco families through full-day programming and an expanded tuition assistance program.  We are committed to maintaining the magic that is CHS: community, engagement, high caliber teachers, low teacher-student ratios, rich and meaningful anti-bias and inquiry-based curriculum, learning in and from natural spaces, and robust parent and teacher enrichment.

Our new home allows us to amplify our role as a school in pursuit of social responsibility, human dignity, and respect for all.  In doing so we elevate the role of the teacher, maximize the potential of all learners, welcome all families, and ultimately change the world!

“I love working at CHS because the community is so supportive with the administrators, teachers, and families all working as a team.  CHS is like no other school where I have worked.  The new building will offer the magic of CHS to a wider community.”

— Christina Chin, Teacher

Our new, appropriately designed building with ample outdoor space, easy access, and rich full-day programming opens doors to a wider community, to the outdoors, and to the future.


“In creating more equitable access, this new space gives us the opportunity to serve more diverse families, live and teach in even deeper accordance with our values, and more radically embrace change!”

— Simone Radliff, Teacher

A warm and inviting lobby and entryway welcome children and families.

Every beautiful light-filled classroom is at least twice as large as our previous school classrooms.  All groups of children have dedicated classrooms and each classroom has its own doorway to the large outside area and its own bathroom.

Our “Meadow” will serve as the heart of the school, a piazza, an invitation for interchange, and a place of belonging.  This beautiful space draws us together as a community for assemblies, more COLLABORATORY seminars and workshops for parents, and is a space for the children to work and play.

The school is surrounded by nearly an acre of enclosed play space, including a playground,  and soon an orchard, and organic garden.  For the first time ever, the teachers have a break room with a patio to the outside.

Soon, a large kitchen will be used to prepare food for our community…


Our new home at 387 Moraga Avenue existed as a school facility for twenty years.  To bring the form, function, and beauty that we all value and are accustomed to, the decades-old space required significant renovations.

Last year, we launched a two-year capital campaign to raise the funds to make those renovations as well as to increase our budget directed to tuition assistance.  As we work to increase enrollment over the next 2 years, the funds from the Opening Doors Campaign will enable the school to maintain its financial sustainability as we expand.

Led by our Board of Trustees in partnership with our school leadership, we continue this year to seek support from all members of our parent, alumni, and grandparent communities to invest in this important project that will ensure the permanence of the Cow Hollow School program well into the next generation.


To reach our goals for operations and the successful completion of our capital campaign, we ask every family to make a gift in support of our fundraising needs and goals.

The Annual Giving goal is $480,000.  This amount will allow us to fund:

      • Operations
      • Tuition Assistance / Community Fund
      • Capital Reserves

The Opening Doors Campaign goal is $750,000.  This amount will allow us to:

      • Complete renovation plans for the kitchen remodel
      • Fund 2 years of kitchen programming and staff
      • Landscape our expansive outdoor play areas, orchard, and garden plans
      • Replenish our Tuition Assistance / Community Fund reserves


Gifts of all amounts are needed and will be gratefully accepted.  Pledges for commitments over $100,000 can be paid over two to three years.

All gifts to Cow Hollow School are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  Corporate and matching gifts are welcome and warmly invited.

Please consult your financial advisor about how gifts may affect your personal circumstances.

Please join us as we complete the renovations to the new home of our highly respected and much-needed school.  We welcome your support to make our dream a reality.  Thank you for your generous gifts!


  • Online – Online credit or debit card donations can be made HERE .
  • Checks – Checks should be payable to Cow Hollow School and can be dropped off at the school or mailed to:  387 Moraga Avenue, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129. 
  • Donor-Advised Fund – Grants directed from a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF).
  • Gifts of Stock – Gifts of appreciated stock are a great way to give to Cow Hollow School and receive significant tax benefits.  If you wish to transfer stock or other securities to CHS please contact the Business Office at 415-921-2328 or Trevor Valentino ([email protected]).
  • Matching Gifts – Corporate matching gift programs are a great way to double or triple your gift.  Check with your employer’s Human Resources Department to find out how to apply.
  • Wire Transfers – For details on how to wire funds to CHS please contact the Business Office at 415-921-2328 or Trevor Valentino ([email protected]).