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The Collaboratory is a resource for the interchange of ideas and innovation in early childhood education, where parents and educators observe, reflect, dialogue, document and interpret children’s thinking and learning.

2024 Workshops for Parents and Teachers

Shaping Critical Thinking Through Art will explore the behaviors or habits of practicing artists and creative process. Participants will exercise their creative muscle with a hands on activity and examine the different ways of thinking and engaging they experienced through art practice. Discussion will include an introduction to the Visual Elements as a way to compose, look, and talk about art. Participants will have the opportunity to share their questions, experience, and insights with the group.

Jamie Kelty has been working in arts education and celebrating the creative voice of students of all ages since 1992. She has been the Studio teacher at Cow Hollow School since 2012. As a Teaching Artist, Jamie has enjoyed the privilege of sharing art experiences with children since 1992. Jamie’s fine art practice combines traditional painting with collage and assemblage. She enjoys the process of working with different mediums which translates well into exploring a multitude of materials with children. She received her B.F.A. in painting and her K-12 art teaching certificate from Fort Hays State University. Jamie has taught art in schools in Kansas, Missouri, and New York City. She worked at The Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York from 2005-2012 teaching in public programs and in schools. Jamie became the Fine Arts Studio manager where she helped create art programs for teens and children with autism and their families.  In addition to teaching, Jamie facilitates workshops for the C.I.V.I.C. and The Collaboratory on facilitating art experience and creative process.

Where: Cow Hollow School

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C.I.V.I.C.: Citizenship, Identities, Values, Inclusion, Cultures

CIVIC is a committee of teachers and parents at Cow Hollow School who celebrate Citizenship, Identities, Values, Inclusion, and Cultures. CIVIC facilitates conversations about children’s identity and sense of place in the school, the neighborhood, the city, and the world. We are interested in celebrating these themes in our school community, dialoguing with each other and with our children, advocating for social justice, and participating in community events. CIVIC welcomes any and all Cow Hollow School adult community members.

Last year, CIVIC hosted several roundtable conversations, with the aim of bringing teachers and parents together to support children in learning about their social worlds. Below are some of the themes:

  • Guiding Children’s Understanding of Racial Identities
  • Talking with Children about the Life Cycle
  • Talking with Children About Homelessness

CIVIC DISCOURSE is a quarterly roundup of resources, meant to be a gathering of articles, talks, and podcasts that Cow Hollow School families and teachers find inspiring, enlightening, or enlivening. We’re hoping this can be a way to exchange ideas, help us connect, and broaden our habits of reading and listening.

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