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The Collaboratory is a resource for the interchange of ideas and innovation in early childhood education, where parents and educators observe, reflect, dialogue, document and interpret children’s thinking and learning.

2019-2020 Workshops for Parents and Teachers

This two-hour workshop will help you think about how to remove the fear and fantasy from your parenting or teaching. To parent or teach mindfully means that we commit to being aware of our own thoughts, beliefs and actions and parent and teach from facts; who we are, who our children are, and from our values. As a result of removing fear and fantasy from our parenting and teaching we become more able to accurately, lovingly guide, empower, and protect our children. This workshop will offer you tools and questions so that you may mindfully, responsively, respectfully, be in the presence of children. In doing so, we change the world!

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Location:  The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin 2325 Union Street San Francisco CA 94123

Darcy Campbell, Cow Hollow School Head and Early Childhood Coach, Educator and Advocate

Darcy Campbell has been directing at Cow Hollow School since 2002. She has over 30 years of experience working with teachers, families and children in the Bay Area and more than 25 years of early Childhood Leadership experience. Darcy has taught and learned from children three months to twelve years old. She teaches early childhood and elementary education courses at San Francisco State University and conducts early childhood training and consultations with families, schools, leaders, and educational organizations throughout the Bay Area. She is a strong advocate for children and specializes in reflective, responsive, collaborative teaching and parenting practices. She is the founder of The COLLABORATORY, co-founder of KEEP IT REAL, and active member of The Innovative Teacher Project.

This three- hour, hands-on workshop will help you reflect upon, plan for and analyze how to build an art collective that makes space for the individual child and the group. During this workshop Jamie will share strategies for creating a compassionate community of artists. Participants will exercise their art skills and social justice skills in the studio. We will explore use of aesthetics and the elements of art to create a common language in the studio.

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Location:  Cow Hollow School 65 Funston Avenue, in the Presidio, San Francisco CA 94129

Jamie Kelty, Teaching Artist and Cow Hollow School Educator

Jamie has been with Cow Hollow School since 2012 and has enjoyed the privilege of sharing art experiences with children since 1992. She works also as an assemblage/collage painter with a variety of mediums which translates well into exploring a multitude of materials with children. She received her B.F.A. in painting and her K-12 art teaching certificate from Fort Hays State University in Kansas. Jamie taught art in schools in Kansas, Missouri, and New York City.  She worked at The Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York teaching in public programs and in schools, creating programming, and managing the Fine Arts Studio teaching artists. Jamie regularly presents studio workshops for parents and educators through The COLLABORATORY at Cow Hollow School and The Innovative Teacher Project in San Francisco.

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To be R.E.A.L. within our leadership strategies and systems means to be realistic, to be evidence and values based, to be attuned and active, to listen and learn collaboratively. To make the workplace R.E.A.L we must work towards removing fear and fantasy from our leadership and accurately, lovingly guide, empower, and remain visionary. This workshop will look at the ways in which values and beliefs guide our choices, our leadership styles and strategies, influence how one sets up environments, and even sets the foundation for how one will interact with children, teachers, parents, and each other. The overall goal of this Values-based Leadership work is to help you clearly make the aforementioned clearly visible in your work with parents and teachers, as well as help you develop strategies to mindfully, confidently and happily stay generative, honest, and clear in your leadership.

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Location:  Cow Hollow School 65 Funston Avenue, in the Presidio, San Francisco CA 94129

Trevor Valentino, Cow Hollow School Assistant Director

Trevor has been teaching and in a Leadership role at Cow Hollow School since 2007. Trevor received his B.A. in African American Studies and English at the University of California, Berkeley. He later received an M.A. in early child education from San Francisco State University where he wrote about his collaborative experience with teachers in Kenya.  He comes from a strong constructivist perspective which endorses an emergent curriculum, child-centered approach to education. He is interested in inclusive early childhood programs and the effects such programs have on children’s social consciousness development.   Trevor is also the CHS Summer Program Coordinator, which he designed and heads.

This three-hour workshop will focus on ways to create and implement culturally responsive and inclusive curricula that supports the development of young children as active citizens of their community. We will discuss how the topics of citizenship, identity, values, inclusion and culture influence the ways in which the children navigate their understanding of themselves and those around them. We will also introduce examples of how to support the children’s growing sense of belonging, competence, influence, usefulness and respect.

Mica Crittendon, Cow Hollow School Educator

Mica started teaching at Cow Hollow School in 2015. She has worked with young children 4 months to 5 years old for more than 8 years. From a very young age, Mica knew that working with children was her calling. Mica received her B.A. in child and adolescent development, with an emphasis in the young child, at San Francisco State University in 2015. She obtained an M.A. from San Francisco State University, in early childhood education in spring of 2015. Mica is inspired by children’s authenticity, curiosity, and innate ability to construct their own knowledge and she uses this as a driving force in partnering children and families.

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Location:  Cow Hollow School 65 Funston Avenue, in the Presidio, San Francisco CA 94129

Marissa Gray, Cow Hollow School Educator

Marissa started teaching at Cow Hollow School in 2017. She has seven years of experience in the Early Childhood Education field working with children ages 6 months to 6 years. In 2015 she received a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Indiana. As a dedicated, lifelong learner. She returned to school at the University of San Francisco where she graduated with an M.A. in International and Multicultural Education in 2016. Her research focused on developing multicultural curricula for early childhood classrooms with the objective of teaching students’ peace building skills.

This two-hour workshop will focus on bringing visibility to the subtle and copious ways that babies and toddlers communicate within the world. It will also help support parents and educators in taking notice of the nuances of how their child/children communicate, and how even from the very beginning, our language can communicate and cultivate respect and competence. We will also discuss strategies for teaching and parenting from your values, and how to foster your child’s natural curiosity, experimentation and play through the use of certain materials.

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Location:  Cow Hollow School 65 Funston Avenue, in the Presidio, San Francisco CA 94129

Molly Sosnaud, BabyTalk Director and Cow Hollow School Educator

Molly has been an early childhood educator for over ten years and began teaching at Cow Hollow in 2012. Molly received her B.A. in psychology and education from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, her M.A in Early Childhood Education from Mills College and holds a California Child Development Program Director Permit. While at Mills, Molly wrote her Masters’ thesis on educators’ use of pedagogical documentation in a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool.

C.I.V.I.C.: Citizenship, Identities, Values, Inclusion, Cultures

CIVIC is a committee of teachers and parents at Cow Hollow School who celebrate Citizenship, Identities, Values, Inclusion, and Cultures. CIVIC facilitates conversations about children’s identity and sense of place in the school, the neighborhood, the city, and the world. We are interested in celebrating these themes in our school community, dialoguing with each other and with our children, advocating for social justice, and participating in community events. CIVIC welcomes any and all Cow Hollow School adult community members.

Last year, CIVIC hosted several roundtable conversations, with the aim of bringing teachers and parents together to support children in learning about their social worlds. Below are some of the themes:

  • Guiding Children’s Understanding of Racial Identities
  • Talking with Children about the Life Cycle
  • Talking with Children About Homelessness

CIVIC DISCOURSE is a quarterly roundup of resources, meant to be a gathering of articles, talks, and podcasts that Cow Hollow School families and teachers find inspiring, enlightening, or enlivening. We’re hoping this can be a way to exchange ideas, help us connect, and broaden our habits of reading and listening.

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