Admissions : FAQ


How do I apply?

Click here to complete an application. Cow Hollow School does not have any restrictions as to when an application can be submitted. Once your application and processing fee have been received, your application will be added to the wait pool. Please notify us if your email changes, as all of our correspondence is done via email.

Can I come on a tour?

Click here for information on scheduling a learning tour.

What ages do you enroll?

We will have seven classes at Cow Hollow School:

  • Three 2-3 year-old classes (must be two by July 1)
  • Two 3-4 year-old classes (must be three by July 1)
  • Two 4-5 year-old classes (must be four by July 1)

How many students are in each class?

There are 9-13 children in our 2-3 year-old classes, 17 in our 3-4 year-old classes, and 16-19 in our 4-5-year-old classes.

I have a younger child and/or twins also. Do I need to fill out a separate application now? Will we be guaranteed a sibling space?

Each child needs a separate application to be added to the wait pool. Please remember that siblings are considered priority, but there is not a guarantee that we will have room and we do work by postmarked application fee date. Siblings of current students attending CHS receive top priority.

I applied to Cow Hollow School previously, where am I on the wait pool?

By mid-Febraury each year we will have a clearer picture of our wait pool for that September after we determine how many students are returning in the fall, and after we know how many siblings need spaces. Please do not contact us to ask where your child is in the wait pool, as we cannot give out that information.

When will we find out if our child has been accepted?

In alignment with the San Francisco Preschool Directors Group, Cow Hollow School, along with the majority of preschools in San Francisco and independent schools with pre or transitional kindergartens, will email letters of acceptance on March 12,2020 for Fall 2019 entry. If your child does not receive an acceptance letter the year that you have requested, he/she will remain in the wait pool, moving to next class level, unless you specify that you want your child removed from the pool or we are unable to get in touch with you for confirmation (note that you do NOT need to submit another application for that child).

If you have further questions about our admissions process, email is highly preferred:

[email protected]

If you are unable to email, please call (415) 921.2328

Please add your child’s date of birth to all emails and notes.

Thanks again for your interest in Cow Hollow School!