About : School-Home Connection

School-Home Connection

CHS believes strongly in the benefits for young children of  connecting school and home experiences. The following list highlights our commitment to bridging what happens inside the school to what happens outside the school, at home.

Parent/Teacher Enrichment Series

Workshops are offered to parents and teachers for the purpose of collaboratively reflecting, discussing, and learning about parenting, teaching, childhood, and children. Topics may include values based parenting and teaching, children as citizens, and storytelling and building community. Click here to see schedule open to the public.

Round Table Discussion

These parent teacher discussion groups occur two times per class, per year. Historically, the teachers and families of the class choose a topic in advance. During the discussion participants are involved in a co-inquiry process to delve deeper, uncover, discover, understand a problem, a concern, an area of development, a piece of a project, etc.

All Family Celebrations

The spirit of togetherness enriches a community. The purpose of any All-Family Celebration is to provide a time and space when the entire school community can come together in the sharing of food, cultural experience, and memory- making.

Classroom Journals

Online journals for each class are written weekly by each teaching team. They include description of process and inquiry, core concepts, special discoveries, the voice of the child, teacher rationale, and often the voice of the teaching parent. Reading the journals with children acts as a bridge from school to home and as a memory tool for your child’s meaningful experiences.

Documentation of Process

Gathering, organizing and presenting inquiry work and the children’s experiences provides opportunities for children, parents, and teachers to revisit, re-interpret, and build upon experiences, emphasizing the process of creating and making visible the competencies of all learners.

Home Visits

As a way to help children transition from home to school for the first time or at the beginning of the year the teachers offer to visit your home, at your convenience, to meet your child, discuss routines and get to know your family. Home visits are a casual, short visit in the child’s safe space, their home. Visits typically last 30-40 minutes. Some children like to show us their room, sometimes we play, sometimes a child prefers to observe while grownups chat, sometimes children hide, and however it unfolds is meaningful. Most importantly, this is a chance for the child to see the parent welcoming their new teacher into the home, to begin to recognize that we are safe people who their parents trust. Building that relationship before school even starts makes the transition into the new school year all the more comfortable for them.

Family Culture Share

•To support children’s development.
•To support the young child’s developing sense of identity.
•To support the journey that all children, and adults, take in learning that we’re all alike and we’re all different. For young children, this understanding is rooted in the core of their world: their family.
•To learn about each other’s families, differences and similarities. As a school that aims to build a strong community of strong relationships, it is our goal to know and respect each other, adults and children alike.
•We want children to see their family in our classroom! This is part of the important connection for them between home and school.
•We want you, the families, to see yourselves in the classroom! This space, this classroom and this experience are as much about you as about your child. Your family is a vital part of all of this. This is your classroom, and your Cow Hollow community.
How will it work?
Families will bring in their share artifacts for a 2-week period. During this period you will be scheduled (ideally on your teaching day) to join us at Morning Circle, where you and your child can share what you have brought with the group. Family Share artifacts will stay on the Share Shelf during classroom time (so, its okay to bring items that you don’t want children to play with unsupervised).To support children’s development.
In each classroom we have a sacred space dedicated to sharing and learning about each child’s unique family. The Family Culture Share Shelf helps to make visible our commitment to supporting and celebrating family, difference and  the young child’s developing sense of identity, the journey that all children and adults take in learning that we’re all alike and we’re all different. For young children, this understanding is rooted in the core of their world: their family.

Family Books

The summer prior to starting at Cow Hollow School each family will be given Family Book pages to fill out and adorn with images, artifacts, and family stories and values. The Family Book stays at school during your child’s school experience (growing and changing every year) and acts as a tool for adults and children to make important connections and build relationships to your child. It is used to promote memory, as a historical reference, and to encourage shared meaning making and compassion. The Family Books are shared among the adults in each class at the Family Teas at the beginning of the school year.

Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association is committed to developing and strengthening the family-school partnership to enhance the experience of all children and families  at CHS and build a strong community. As the parent/guardian of a child attending CHS, you are automatically a member of the Parent Association and part of a dedicated parent body. Membership dues are collected from families with the first installment of school tuition.

The primary responsibilities of the Parents’ Association are to coordinate special events and programs for children and parents, facilitate parent involvement in various school projects, and provide important communication to members. The Parents’ Association sponsors several annual events for its members, such as Back-to-School and Year-end Picnics, Parent Socials and play dates that enhance the community and help to create an essential bond between home and school. The Parents’ Association is also responsible for many events with new and prospective parents, such as New Parent Orientation, Prospective Parent Tours, and Kindergarten Information Night. Partners of the Parents Association include:  Amazon, Books Inc. and Sports Basement.

The Parents’ Association is a valuable resource for our teachers, as the work we do allows teachers to focus on critical responsibilities that impact our children. Additionally, the Parents’ Association is a valuable resource for all parents because they help coordinate activities that enrich the overall CHS environment and community.