About : Healthy School Initiative

Healthy School Initiative

At Cow Hollow School we are committed to improving the health of our children, staff, parents and the environment. Through our Healthy School Initiative, we recommend and implement strategies to promote cleaner air, water and food; reduce waste and promote sustainability; and encourage the use of environmentally responsible materials. Our goal is to further enhance our program by guiding the children to be stewards of the earth and its resources, helping them care and become responsible members of their community, and to heighten their awareness of how people affect and are affected by their environment. 

We consider the following when implementing our Healthy School strategies:

  • Long-term and short-term costs
  • Impact on the health of the children, staff and parents
  • Impact on the environment
  • Consistency with our school philosophy and values

We have made a commitment to this initiative in collaboration with parents dedicated to helping with research and recommendations, establishing green guidelines, making real changes that impact our school, and integrating the message into our curriculum.